New Sirocco Rib-Alloy 310

Price AU $5,890

AU $5,890
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Sirocco Marine is a world leader for inflatable boats. Their innovative boat design and manufacturing is well recognised. Their inflatable boats are designed using Australian design skills, great attention to detail and the world's best materials.

The Sirocco RIB range inflatable boats offer all the performance you'll ever need. It is just the right combination of performance and comfort that you expect from an aluminium or fibreglass inflatable boat, combined with the lightweight and convenience of an inflatable boat.

The deep V hull offers excellent comfort and stability, optimises performance and is scratch resistant and maintenance free. The hull and tubes of these inflatable boats are fully moulded and welded as one piece, which makes for a RIB with unrivalled strength - therefore, there is no messing around with assembly.

The rigid hull and non-slip moulded deck offer the advantage of a dry and comfortable ride as well as being more robust and stable than a traditional inflatable boat. The flat end cone and rigid hull design make for better weight distribution and decreased bow lift. A total boat weight of 56kg makes this a very light and manageable boat. Combine these with a powerful engine and let the fun begin!

Superb lines and ample grab handles give you the fibreglass inflatable boat of choice that is built to last.

The Sirocco 310 Alloy RIB inflatable boat comes with everything you need for years of hassle-free use, just unpack and you're ready to go.


- Large diameter tubes made from the toughest Orca Hypalon - gives Sirocco Inflatable boats greater stability and load carrying ability.

- Flat end cones - an innovative design that allows the boat to plane faster. It has better weight distribution than conventional cone design, allowing the use of heavier, more powerful engines and decreased bow lift. The flat cone design acts as a trim tab, increasing stability and ride comfort in heavy seas with reduced backwash and spray.

- Sirocco Inflatable boats offer a super heavy duty stainless steel towing eye

- Davit lifting points

- Heavy duty transom with splash backs - designed to take modern 4 stroke engines. The splash backs help eliminate backwash when coming off the plane, keeping the boat and occupants dry.

- 2 x Aluminium oars with easy store fold down pinned oar rowlocks

- High velocity air pump - for quick inflation

- High quality boat cover - to protect your investment

- Carry bag - for convenient transportation of your Inflatable boat

- Ergonomically designed seating position - with removable bench seat for extra versatility

- Multiple buoyancy chambers - for increased safety

INCLUDES Seat, Oars & Rowlocks, Pump, Repair Kit, Cover and Storage Bag

Length 3.1m
Width 1.55m
Max people 4.5
Max hp 20
Weight 56kg

For more information call or email, Ryan Slater 0490 864 694
Gold Coast QLD
Sirocco Alloy 310 RIB
10' 2" - 3.10m
Hull Material
Aluminium Hypalon

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